Artist Statement

In my work, it all starts with the idea of a mark. Mark-making, whether a scratch on a surface, pixels on a screen, or a material we trans-form, is our most intimate method of rendering our existence. This purposeful act of leaving our mark produces indelible, tangible forms that record our presence, emotions, experiences, and ideas. In my case, I am exploring my own mark-making impulse through digital and analog mediums. My work stems from my response to found objects, images, photographs, and materials that I collect. These objects and images are altered, manipulated, or detached from their natural context and set into combinations that create coincidental, accidental, and unexpected connections that create meaning.

Each encaustic work includes a material, image, or object that embodies an idea. These ideas range from the political to the humorous. Encaustic is used for its gestural qualities as well as its metaphorical meanings related to sealing, preserving, and healing. The works are small and the intention is to give them a sense and scale of icons or relics.

Digital Photography
My digital photography focuses on the “found mark” or “readymade mark.” As I travel, I am frequently inspired by the markings made in our contemporary society. These marks could be stencils and graffiti, random marks, or symbols left on the sidewalk to designate where to dig or expose what is underneath the ground. By photographing them, I am highlighting and isolating ignored or overlooked marks and elevating them from simple marks to contemporary pictographs of our modern world. These photographs are exclusively made with a mobile camera and the apps and filters available to it. The availability and immediacy of the device also add to the aesthetic of the final work.

Digital Art
In my digital artwork, I am exploring the potential of new digital technologies which allow me to push the exploration of mark-making further into a virtual space that couples the look of traditional paintings with digital photography. The works are formed from a collage of images, photographs, and marks and drawings made by using a stylus and iPad. I use the iPad as a “canvas” to simulate the analog activity of drawing or painting. I found that this allowed me a physical, tactile association to the traditional forms of painting and drawing while taking advantage of digital technologies.